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Aaas Ultra-early Non-conf Situational Destruction!

As the season wares on, AAA Sports systems start to kick into OVERDRIVE! While the season is still VERY YOUNG, AAA is looking to take advantage of some lop-sided numbers and he wants you to join him EARLY on Saturday! Last weekend he was 3-1 (75%) w/ his NCAAF and he is looking for a repeat performance on Saturday! You in?!

Game Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014

$50 USD

Aaas Friday Night Aac ATS Super-blowout!

A couple of struggling teams go head-to-head on Friday night, AAA has looked at every angle, hes broken this one WIDE OPEN and is confident that hes extracted the ULTIMATE VALUE! Dont hesitate for even a second! AAAs NCAAF program is primed to kick into FULL GEAR in Week 4, dont even consider missing out!

Game Date: Friday, September 19, 2014

$175 USD

Aaas 5-game Sunday NFL All Inclusive Pak! 7-0 (100%) W/ 10* NFL This Year!

BIG VALUE ALERT! AAA is BLASTING THE BOOKS with his NFL picks this year, and its been his 10* TOPS which have been leading the charge (now a PERFECT 7-0 Y-T-D!); get ALL FIVE of AAAs Sun NFL plays, incl. his 10* NON-CONF TOTAL OF MONTH, his 10* UNDERDOG GAME OF MONTH and his 10* SUN-NIGHT *SLUG-FEST*! Break out the brooms and GO FOR THE 5-0 (100%) SWEEP!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$40 USD

Aaas Early *chargers/bills* Blockbuster!

AAA Sports has jumped out to a GREAT START to the 2014 NFL campaign, he has been deftly picking and choosing his spots, he has uncovered a SWEET angle in the Chargers/Bills game that the oddsmakers have drastically overlooked! Can Buffalo move to a PERFECT 3-0, or do the Bolts LAY THE HAMER DOWN?! The answer is just a click-a-way!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$40 USD

Aaas Early *packers/lions* Total Blockbuster!

Divisional battles are ALWAYS the most important, both of the NFC North foes sit at 1-1 which means that this game definitely has HUGE IMPORTANCE as far as who will take the early lead! High-scoring shootout?! Defensive war?! Get on board to find out ALL the details and then make plans to proceed DIRECTLY to the cashiers window!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$60 USD

Aaas Early 10* Underdog Game Of Month! 7-0 (100%) W/ 10* NFL This Year!

UN~BE~LIEVABLE! AAA Sports DEMOLISHED the books last weekend (he was 3-1 w/ his NCAAF on Sat and then went 3-2 w/ his NFL on Sun, incl. hitting ALL three of his 10* top plays!) and is now an AMAZING 7-0 (100%) w/ his 10* TOP RATED NFL picks in 2014! If youre DEADLY SERIOUS about wagering on the NFL, NOW is the time to get involved!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$100 USD

Aaas 10* Non-conf Total Of Month! 7-0 (100%) W/ 10* NFL Y-t-d!

AAA Sports is a PERFECT 7-0 (100%) w/ his 10* TOP RATED NFL picks in 2014 after going a PERFECT 3-0 (100%) w/ them last Sun! AAA has released two G.O.M. tickets so far and each has cashed with ABSOLUTE EASE (Lions 35-14 over Giants in Week 1; Redskins over Jags 41-10 Week 2!). Its the Super Bowl REMATCH, dont even consider missing out!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$50 USD

Aaas 10* M.n.f. *signature* Art Of War!

AAA Sports ANNIHILATED the books with his SIGNATURE 10* ART OF WAR package on the Chicago Bears, 7.5 point underdogs which would win OUTRIGHT on the road in San Francisco! BANG ON AND DEADLY ACCURATE! AAA is ready to DELIVER THE GOODS on Monday night, dont even consider missing out!

Game Date: Monday, September 22, 2014

$50 USD

Aaas 10* *signature* Art Of The Game! (revenge Scenario!)

AAA Sports has uncovered a SWEET revenge opporunity on Saturday afternoon, the stars have truly aligned as this home side favorite is poised to take advantage of its overmatched opponent this season! This play is SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL that its been stamped with AAAs ONE & ONLY 10* SIGNATURE ART OF THE GAME status!

Game Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014

$60 USD

Aaas 10* Non-conference Game Of Year! 3-1 (75%) NCAAF L/sat!

Week 3 of the NCAAF season is in the books, after going 3-1 w/ his NCAAF last Sat., AAA is inching his way back into the black! Saturdays have been HIS DAY though, so far hes won BIG in two of the first three, going a combined 6-2 (75%) on those winning College Football weekends! Looking for a BIG play?! THEY DONT GET MUCH BIGGER THAN THIS!

Game Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014

$50 USD

Aaas Early 10* Divisional Assassin! Perfect 7-0 (100%) W/ 10* NFL Y-t-d!

AAA Sports was a PERFECT 3-0 (100%) with his 10* TOP RATED NFL picks last Sunday, he comes into Week 3 a PERFECT 7-0 (100%) overall with his 10* NFL! He has uncovered a FANTASTIC situation on Sunday, a BIG mistake by the oddsmakers, AAA has FULLY exposed it and is ready to take advantage BIG TIME!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

$50 USD

Aaas 10* Sun Night *slug-fest* 7-0 (100%) W/ 10* NFL In 2014!

AAA Sports has jumped out to an AWESOME start to the 2014 NFL campaign, his 10* TOP SELECTIONS are now 7-0 (100%) Y-T-D after he was a PERFECT 3-0 (100%) last Sunday! If you enjoyed CA$HING his 10* play on the Bears (5.5-pt dogs that won OUTRIGHT on the road!), then dont even consider missing out on this SUNDAY NIGHT *SLUG-FEST*!

Game Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014



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Weekly All-access Picks Pack

Play all of AAA Sports selections for a week for just $275!

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Capper Biography

Name: AAA Sports Background: AAA Sports turned a promising University education into one of the World’s top professional sports handicapping services. It’s been a meteoric rise since he broke onto the national scene in the Summer of 2012. AAA would “wow” his new clients by putting together one of the most lucrative NFL/College Football combined runs in recent memory in his first year as a professional (records listed below). However, that was just a precursor to the all out domination that was unleashed in 2013/14. AAA would go on to put together one of the most remarkable “ALL SPORTS” runs of all time, ultimately finishing in the Top 5 in the World for College Football, in the NBA and in the NHL. A quick look around will confirm that three Top 5 finishes in the same wagering season has never been accomplished by any service or individual in all of professional sports handicapping recorded history. The 2014/15 wagering season promises to be more of the same. Here is a breakdown of AAA’s accomplishments: FOOTBALL (NFL and College) 2012: NFL 2012 Regular Season: 86-61-3 (+$18,439) NFL 2012 Playoffs: 14-9-1 (+$2,750) NFL 2012 Combined: 100-70-4 (+$21,189) NCAAF 2012 Bowls: 25-17-1 (+$6,703) 2013: NCAAF 2013 Regular Season: 101-57 (+$37,810) NCAAF 2013 Bowls: 19-16 (+$1,543) (Played every single Bowl game last year) NCAAF 2013 Combined: 112-73 (+$39,353) Finishes 2013 Regular Season: 28-9 (76%) with 10* side selections over the last eight combined Saturday’s of action First Half Specialist: “First Half” NCAAF Career Record: 42-20 (68%) “First Half” NFL Career Record: 26-17 (60%) NBA 2013: Regular Season: 145-116 (+$20,752) Playoffs: 37-20 (65%) (+$14,370) Entire Season: 182-136 (+$35,190) NHL 2013: Regular Season: 153-107 +$20,889 & 28-14 (67%) w/ 3-GM NHL paks Playoffs: 25-15 (63%) (+$5,165) Entire Season: 178-122 (+$26,053) Ratings of Plays: Plays are rated on 1-10 "star" basis. AAA Sports’ biggest football and basketball "point-spread (ATS)" plays receive their 10* ranking. Nearly all of their point-spread plays fall in the 8* to 10* range, as AAA has confidence in all his plays and doesn't believe in significant variances in wager sizes. In addition to wagering on money-line underdogs, AAA Sports will occasionally recommend a larger money-line favorite. In these cases, in keeping in line with their belief that wagers should be similar in size, they’ll typically lower their star rating. For example, they may love a -150 favorite but only assign it a 6* or 7* rating. Systems Used in Handicapping: AAA Sports has developed their own form of fundamental handicapping. As far as AAA is concerned, it all starts with an in depth understanding of the coaches, personnel and matchups played on the field/court. Next, he considers situational and technical factors. AAA Sports’ approach is a little different with professional sports than it is with collegiate ones. However, in all sports, obtaining optimal line value is always emphasized. Money Management: For AAA Sports, every 10* play represents 1% of his sports betting bankroll. Wager size will vary based on bankroll size. If one has a bankroll of $10,000, then AAA recommends wagering to win $100 on each of his 10* plays. A *9 play would require wagering to win $90 and so on. Of course, in this area, the final decision is entirely up to each individual player and can vary based on individual goals and risk tolerance. A more aggressive investor may elect to wager a larger percentage of bankroll per play.

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