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$150 USD

Soccer Monthly All Access Pass

Analytics Trading works with some of the SHARPEST soccer minds from around the WORLD, insuring we are betting into the BIGGEST advantages... at the BEST prices... for the LARGEST profits!!!

Get on board with this pack now and you'll receive ALL of my soccer plays from around the world for an entire MONTH! Just be prepared to get to know your local sportsbook ticket writer on a personal basis!

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$199 USD

All Sports Daily Package

Cannot decide on a package for the Day?

I now offer a daily package covering ALL my picks for ALL my sports on only the games I punt on at a Daily reduced price of 40% Off using my PROFIT GENERATING DATA !

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity at a reduced daily price ASAP BIGGEST TICKET CA$HING Year EVER!

$350 USD

Weekly All Access Picks Package

I believe in equal opportunities, smashing up sports books across all sports and markets, not just the popular ones our grandmother's could handicap.

With over 65% HISTORICAL STRIKE RATE covering all markets maximize your staking plan and benefit from our inside information now by receiving EVERY move we make for an entire WEEK!

If I only post 7x1 unit plays per week you are already saving a considerable amount.

$499 USD

Monthly All Access Picks Pagkage ***best Value***

Receive access to EVERY play we move on for an entire 30 DAYS at an unbelievable price.

No need to send us any thank you notes when you save and win, send the flowers to the sports books after you graciously take their money for healthy profits. You work hard. We will work even harder.

Start benefiting today from our 20+ YEARS of sports betting experience and exclusive industry access.

$1000 USD

NFL 2015 Season Premium Package *** Early Bird Special ***

Ready for the BEST NEWS you've heard all day... NFL is HERE!!!

An exciting offer for this package supported by Analytics Trading's 20+ years of Industry Experience and PROFIT GENERATING DATA !

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity at a reduced price ASAP and be well on your way towards making this the BIGGEST TICKET CA$HING season EVER!

$1000 USD

NCAAF 2015 Full Season Pack

Are you a BIG College Football fan and looking to profit while enjoying the action?!

Whether you are new to betting NCAAF and just want to make some extra CA$H, or you are an experienced bettor looking for additional inside value moves... this package will send you to the counter time and time again with WINNING TICKETS!!!

*** I owned the NCAA last season using out of the box thinking and analysis which profited over 50 units. #1 by a distance on the top performer list.***

$5000 USD

Yearly All Access Picks Package

My data is unbelievable and I dig every angle. Get ALL my plays, ALL my sports including Futures data and weather analysis for a ridiculous price. Personal client access and feedback and data upon request is also included. If you want Jackanory spend elsewhere, Winners stay with the Big Dog.


Capper Biography

Based in Las Vegas, A former sportsbook director and without doubt the most coveted American Sports trader in the world. My experience covers making GLOBAL sportsbooks double digit margin, Followed by syndicates trading high volume markets world wide. I do what the compilers and the bettors do not do! Uncover every single angle available. This is all my own work and this is why I am the undisputed king of derivative markets. I am not a "capper" or a follower of others outputs, I am an expert in my field.

My advice when followed correctly will not only help you learn the better methods of sports trading but avoid the pitfalls many novice’s make when betting on sports. My data is so sharp many of my clients include “Handicappers” who use my data to improve their own understandings and plagiarize them as their own.

I am a professional compiler of odds not a "handicapper", I do not bet or advise lines that are not available to the general market, I release plays only when all the data is available, not copy and pasted from readily available statistical sites. All of my moves include specific staking plans to suit all bankrolls when staked correctly.


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10/12/15 5:30:PM
10/11/15 5:30:PM
10/11/15 1:05:PM
(468) DETROIT LIONS 1H : Over

10/11/15 10:00:AM
10/10/15 4:30:PM
(390) MISSOURI : Under

10/10/15 4:00:PM
(344) ALABAMA : Under

10/10/15 4:00:PM
(378) UL - LAFAYETTE : Over

10/10/15 12:30:PM
(404) NEBRASKA : Under

10/10/15 12:00:PM
(330) BOSTON COLLEGE : Under

10/10/15 12:00:PM
(334) TOLEDO : Under

10/09/15 6:45:PM
10/09/15 5:00:PM
(310) VIRGINIA TECH 1H : Over

10/08/15 6:00:PM
(306) USC 1H : Under

10/07/15 5:05:PM
10/06/15 4:35:PM
(481) TORONTO 1H

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