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Neil The Greek's 3-0 Early Afternoon Sweep

Get 3 WINNERS from the best all sports handicappers in all the land. The man who is not only great at what he does, but also honest. Trust in him now!

Game Date: Sunday, October 04, 2015

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Exclusive High Roller Club

Neil is on a 27-7 run with his football HIGH ROLLER plays, including 3-0 Saturday (Indiana, Florida, and A&M) This is a 10* VIP High Roller 5 unit POWERPLAY. This selection utilizes all of Neil's handicapping skills including trends, statistical analysis, player profiles, situational analysis, and his own insight and experience. This NFL HIGH ROLLER CLUB is usually held for top end clientele, but this time, it's being released to the public so you too can be a HIGH ROLLER

Game Date: Sunday, October 04, 2015



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Neil The Greek's Weekly All Access Pass To All Sports

Not many cappers handicap as many sports as Neil, and NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!No one comes close to hitting Neil's percentages in so many sports. All picks, great price!

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Neil The Greek's Monthly All Access Pass All Sports And Hrc

ALL SPORTS from the most respected, honest, and best multi-sports capper in the world. BEST PRICE! There's a reason Neil can demand the highest rates, because NO ONE dominates Vegas and makes the oddsmakers look foolish like him. 1st or 2nd in every single sport. It's not can you afford him, it's can you afford not to follow him.

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Neil The Greek's College Football Season Pass

Neil enters his 15th season as one of the most respected all sports handicappers any where. Who's ready to break Vegas, and make the oddsmakers look foolish once again? That's right Neil the greek. 58% last season, and around 60% combined the previous 5 years before that. No one does it better, and no one is more honest and transparent. More importantly it WILL CHANGE YOUR BANKROLL IN THE GREEN.

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Neil The Greek's NFL Season Pass

Neil has consistently won BIG in the NFL. Neil hit 58% in the NFL last year, and then was 8-5 in the playoffs. The year before he was well over 59%, and 12-5 in the playoffs. And the year before that, he hit almost 61% in the regular season, and didn't lose a game in the playoffs until the SB going an incredible 10-1. His record over the last 15 plus years in the NFL has never been below 55%, and stands at almost 59% in that span. YES THAT'S 59% over a 15 year period, and a lot better in the playoffs. There is a reason to choose Neil, because he has consistently been the best in many different sports.

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Neil The Greek's NFL And NCAAF Season Pass

In case you haven't noticed(and if you have not where have you been), there is always one guy sitting atop almost every leaderboard. That guy is Neil the Greek. In the 8 sports he has capped, he has finished 1st or 2nd in all 8. That is almost unheard of. Get his entire NFL and NCAAF seasons here. Don't delay, you can't afford not to follow Neil.


Capper Biography

Neil the Greek(AKA Gatorsneil75) broke on the scene like a Barry Sanders TD run. He came on the sports betting scene back in 2009 where he was the number one handicapper in a few different sports across many online forums. He has not slowed down since. He grew a following of 1000's across many different forums. His all sports thread had over 100k hits in just 3 weeks in a forum that never had more than 15k. He became a sensation due to his honest, southern guy approach. When he had a bad day, he would be the first to say it. His winning percentages in 7 different sports were impressive to say the least. And his BIG PLAYS were even better.

Neil started selling his picks a few years ago, and has quickly made a reputation as one of the best multi-sports cappers in the world. What separates him from the competition is how well he does across a variety of different sports. He caps NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NCAAB, CFL, WNBA, and Soccer. His documented plays have been astonishing over the last couple of years. His playoff NBA record this year was 30-14, which doesn't even compare to the 43-14 record he built the year before. This year, in the March Madness tourney, he went 29-11. Last year in the NFL, he was 45-28 during the regular season, and 8-5 during the playoffs. Those numbers are good, but nothing compared to his playoff run of 2012. He didn't lose his first game until the SB. He finished the playoffs going 10-1.

Since he started selling his picks online, he has been at 57% or better in all the sports he handicaps. Over the last 14 months, only one losing month for Neil, and only 11 losing weeks total. That's 49 winning weeks out of 60...simply amazing. What's even better is that he was giving away a week's worth of free picks, just to prove how good he really is. And still his best handicapping comes in the form of 2nd half wagers. His halftime plays in all sports have cashed in close to 70% since he started posting.

There are a lot of guys who claim to be great, Neil is willing to put his winning ways where his mouth is. He doesn't fabricate his record, or have some "lock system" that never loses. He understands bad runs happen. He uses his sports knowledge, time as an online sports talk host, statistical analysis, trend analysis, and situational analysis to make sure those bad runs only come at a minimum. If you want to make money without the hassle of a "salesman", then you got the right guy for the job. You will appreciate his love for sports betting, his crazy sports knowledge, his 14 hour a day dedication, his honesty and integrity, and most important...his winning ways!


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