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Many experts consider PayneInsider one of the most successful, respected, and influential sports bettors in the industry. With unmatched information and market influence, his clients consistently beat the closing line. Payne's uncanny ability to profit on all sports with regularity separates him from the competition. One thing Payne prides himself on is accommodating all his clients' wants and needs with daily +EV information in the NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, MLB and even ancillary markets like the CFL and Boxing.

Payne's among the very best in the industry at setting clients up with strict guidelines for managing their money. His stock market approach with an emphasis on getting the best number can not be duplicated; it's what makes him an advantage bettor. Payne's in the top 1% of a 500 billion dollar sports betting industry each and every year. That's an elite group making consistent profits wagering on sports, and he's proud to be in such an elite class.

All of Payne's picks are released against widely available lines with fully transparent recordkeeping. Every pick Payne releases is graded and updated in the records archive daily, win or lose. Bottom line, Payne is not a "tout", he's a professional sports bettor first, and a consultant second. The sports betting industry is transforming, and just like dinosaurs, the age of the "tout" will soon become extinct.

Payne has built his reputation on one thing: long-term winning! He's gained the respect of two of the largest betting syndicates in the country, exchanging information with them on a daily basis since 2010. Respect is not easily given in the betting industry, but Payne's sharp mind and endless work ethic is the reason for his sustained success. He's been a staple in the industry since 2007 without having sent a single email blast, making a single cold-call, or up-selling a single client. The PayneInsider brand has grown exponentially for one reason: his information has a defined value.

Unlike boiler room touts paying to grace your television screens and radio air-waves with drivel, Payne has never paid to gain media access. EVER! Payne co-hosted "The Breakdown" on ESPN 950 and 97.5 The Fanatic in 2011, and since then he's parlayed his success into weekly appearances on Fox Sports, CBS Sports, TSN, 98.7 and a bevy of other networks. His content has been featured in the National Football Post, CNBC, The Score, Todd's Take and an endless amount of other outlets.

Payne doesn't claim outlandish percentages and focuses on long-term winning with elite money management. Anybody can win a game, have a great week or go on a mini run, but Payne feels it's disingenuous to "tout" short-term success and only cares what his bankroll looks like when the dust settles. Grinding out enough winning days will equate to winning weeks, winning weeks turn to winning months, and winning months translate to winning seasons and years.

As Such, Payne's unmatched long-term football domination against widely available lines with numerous eyes monitoring looks like this: Six-straight winning football seasons. 58.3% his last 629 NFL picks. 57.1% his last 696 College Football picks. That's 57.7% in CFB and NFL combined over Payne's last 1,325 football selections dating back six seasons. Quit looking at betting as a risk, and start looking at it as an investment. In an uncertain industry, be a part of something certain, be part of #TeamPayne today!

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