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For 7 years, Warren Sharp has used his advanced computer algorithms in concert with his next-level handicapping concepts, and he has produced profit via winning seasons every single year.

His NFL totals, one of his most sought out play types, have hit 60% over 7 years and over 500 plays, his CFB totals have hit 59% over 450 plays, and his NFL ATS plays with detailed writeups have hit 59% in over 550 plays.

For several years now, Warren's analysis and selections have been used by legends of sports betting, including "Krackman", and Warren has made multiple appearances on Chad Millman's ESPN "Behind the Bets" Podcast.

Warren is part of an exciting, new age of NFL information services. Warren is more of an NFL analyst who applies advanced theory and analysis to the world of handicapping, as opposed to a pick selling tout who wants to sell you on bets for the NFL. If you can't distinguish the difference, spend some time with Warren and the difference will be obvious.

When you purchase Warren's selections, you know you are getting the same plays and analysis that the biggest and sharpest bettors rely on.

Warren's style is truly unique in the industry, for several reasons:

#1, He focuses ONLY on football. "My last client release was the Super Bowl in early Feburary. I spend the entire spring and summer researching new angles, analyzing metrics and writing computer programs to stay ahead of the linesmakers. Its simply impossible for those that set the line or other multi-sport services to be as well versed in football as I am when they spend significant time working in other sports."

#2, His use of advanced metrics is second to none in the football handicapping world. "NFL teams, and all sports teams for that matter, are spending big money for advanced analytics and data science. Why? Because more than anything else, these advanced metrics can most clearly and accurately define what it takes to win in today's environment. But football handicappers are still studying and ranking teams based on dinosaur stats and I've spent significant time the last 8 months developing custom advanced analytics and custom stats that really translate into winning, such as my Early Down Success Rate stat."

#3, His NFL play writeups offer the most detailed, in depth and original breakdown of upcoming games in the industry. "I pride myself on sharing A LOT of information with my clients. My goal is to win while educating. I put so much research and analysis into every NFL ATS selection that I have no problem sharing the bulk of it with my clients. If anyone is accustomed to just getting a play and a sentence or two about why a game is worth betting, they'll be in for a surprise when they by my ATS picks in the NFL."

#4, Last but certainly not least, the win rate from his computer algorithm totals in both NFL and CFB is beyond compare. "Over 7 years, my NFL totals have hit 60% on over 500 plays. My CFB totals have hit 59% on over 450 plays.


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