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$99 USD

WNBA Full-season Steal

The entire WNBA season for only $200! That's every single LV Traders' play for the 2017 season.

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Weekly All Access - 7 Days

You will get ALL LVTraders plays for 7 days. Get ALL LV Traders plays on ALL sports. WE will get YOUR bankroll STACKED up over the course of a week. Come and see what it FEELS like to be a WINNER!!

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The Premier Soccer Access - 3 Month

Get 3 months of all LV Traders Soccer plays. Every play we make on the pitch is yours. EPL, LA Liga, MLS, all soccer plays. Join us n score! You Ready?

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Monthly All Access - 30 Days

You will get ALL LVTraders plays for 30 days. A great VALUE!! Get ALL LV Traders plays on ALL sports. This is the best way to MAKE some EXTRA dough. Over the 30 days YOU will make an EXCELLENT PROFIT!! GRAB this SPECIAL NOW!!!

$499 USD

MLB 2017 Season

**We are into the 2nd half of the season, and have been up top the leaderboard all season long! We are slicing our price to make sure you don't miss out on the rest of the season!! Plenty of room aboard!**Get ALL LV Traders MLB plays for the entire season!!! You WON'T strike out here!! Thorwin WINNERS all DAY, Every Day!!!

$799 USD

NCAA Football Season **early Bird Special**

Our College Football Early Bird Price is now up!! You get all LVtraders plays all the way through the National Championship game!! Don't miss out on breaking your bookie this CFB season!! Join us n WIN!!!

$799 USD

The Premier Soccer Access - 6 Month

Get 6 months of all LV Traders Soccer plays. Every play we make on the pitch is yours. EPL, LA Liga, MLS, all soccer plays. This is for the advanced Soccer bettors. Time to break your bookie!!! GOOOOAAALLLLL!!!

$899 USD

NFL Season **early Bird Special**

NFL is just around the corner, and we have our EARLY BIRD price up!! You will get all LVTraders plays through the final kickoff in Minneapolis, Minnesota for SUPERBOWL 52!! Sundays will never be the same!! Join the WINNING team today!!

$999 USD

3 Month All Access

Get 3 Months of LV Traders!! That's ALL LV Traders plays on ALL sports. Join us Today and Start the WINNING!! YOU don't have to worry about anything, sit back. WE DO the heavy lifting for YOU!!

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The Football Package **early Bird Special**

Want to fire on all LVTraders Football plays? Get the best of Pro & College for a bundled up price!! The weekends are the best part of the week already, let us improve that with extra dollars in your pocket!!!

$1500 USD

The Premier Soccer Access - 1 Year

Here it is, 1 full year of LV Traders Soccer plays. We have you covered for EPL, MLS, LA Liga, ANY soccer play we make YOU get!! Let's Win, YOU won't want to miss out on the WINNERS on the PITCH!!

$2100 USD

6 Month All Access

HERE WE go, are you in it for real?!? Get 6 months of ALL LV Traders plays on ALL sports. Don't be shy now, jump in TODAY!!

$4000 USD

1 Year All Access!!

The DON of LV TRADERS subscriptions! 1 FULL year of ALL LV Traders plays on ALL sports. Are you in it for the LONG HAUL? THIS is easily our BEST Value, do the math.


Capper Biography

We Trade We’re a team of Las Vegas based in-game traders. Nobody watches the games closer than us. At all times, we are responsible for putting the proper number on a given game. Our job requires us to use a combination of knowledge and intuition to breakdown each game. We’re not just watching the games; we’re evaluating the current situation and anticipating the next move.

We Study When we’re not trading games, we’re constantly watching the markets, evaluating data, and searching for the next potential bet. Each of us has a slightly different process of breaking down the information but we combine our knowledge to produce the best possible selections. We pride ourselves on having the best information and processing it for the best results.

We Bet Sports betting is our career and lifestyle. We spend countless hours researching and selecting winners; consequently, we bet every pick we release. The game never ends; it’s always about finding the next winner and seeking maximum value in the next possible situation.

We Win It’s about winning. We all love sports and enjoy the entertainment value but once you invest money; it’s all about being on the right side of the bet. Winning the next game is always our goal and we hope to have you on board.

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