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Capper Biography

Name: Nick "The BookieKiller" Parsons

Age: 39

Years in handicapping: 14 years overall, 12 professionally

Achievements in handicapping and philosophy:

Nick Parsons has been seriously involved in the handicapping industry since the late 1990s and has been successfully wagering on sports for his entire adult life. He has shown an uncanny ability to win at all the major North American sports, as demonstrated by his numerous national titles. Nick’s long-term statistics are sensational. However, in this industry, many like to say it’s not “what have you done”, but “what have you done for me lately.” That’s just fine with Nick, as his current documented records are every bit as impressive as his legendary long term numbers.

Nick has many 1st place and top five finishes in every sport over the last five years as documented by Sports-Watch of Las Vegas.

Nick’s highest rated play, “The BookieKiller” first gained notoriety in the 2004 college football season, going an astonishing 18-5 for the year. Naturally, that incredible 78.3% win percentage was the highest mark in the nation, (of any service that released a minimum of 20 plays) as documented by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City. The following season, Parsons’ “BookieKiller” releases were a powerful 67% in the NFL, again ranking among the best win percentages in the country. Note that Nick generally only releases one or two “BKs” per week.

Parsons' "BIG TICKETS", his "GAME OF THE YEARs", "GAME OF THE MONTHs" and "GAME OF THE WEEKs" though are the packages that he's World renowned for.

After almost 15 years in this business, Nick has honed his incredible skill, and has figured out that "less" is in fact "more" in this industry.

Parsons will now release a maximum of one play per day; it goes without saying that these selections are his absolute strongest personal picks.

Do you like BIG plays?! Do you like BIG winners?!

Look no further!

Nick "The BookieKiller" Parsons has become a VERY wealthy man by being selective, and for the first time ever, he's bringing this unique, and POWERFUL wagering philosophy to you!

Get on board with an ALL INCLUSIVE subscription to take advantage of each and every one of these BLOCKBUSTERS, or check in daily for these GOLDEN INVESTMENT opportunities!


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